Monday, September 29, 2008

my dirt road: sidetrip magazine photoshooting

i'm laying off with the demi poetry a bit.
last saturday, that was 092708. i provided clothes for a magazine shoot.

my clothes here were modeled by my friend julie for the magazine on the title: sidetrip. it's for their extreme issue. everything extreme: extreme sports, extreme food, extreme fashion... etc. i as a clothes designer fell under the category of extreme clothing for an extreme sport. my sport was motocross but i think i had a davidson rider more in mind with the battered leather jacket and all. (that's me at the top pic. hehe.)

this is julie in my clothes. (styled by me too) haha. julie wasn't my first model. the original model was supposed to be juno, a guy. but he can't come so i had last minute changes.
we're at the sidetrip office here. freshly and ,may i say wonderfully, made up by mark ho.
the shoot, however, was suddenly moved to cubao instead of the orginally planned rooftop of the sidetrip building. more about that later.
what i made (and are for sale):
the biker jacket in metallic detail with drpaed wool collar and sleeves with satin piping detail (contact me for more details. ie. price)
the tie-dye draped shirt dress with gold paint and satin piping detail (1750php)
the destructed black leggings (775php)

the shoot obviously has to invovle a bike of some sort and they had problems transporting the bike. instead we went to the bike on a last minute notice. the bike is a real ducati. which i love. hahaha. in fairness, we had a great photographer named A.N. Noriel. he made the set work. and the final product i have to say is phenomenal. i could not have been happier.
get hold of sidetrip mag's next issue to see final product!!!!

more pictures here: click me!!!!

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