Tuesday, September 30, 2008

my faculties: clothes for the day

Lots of catching up to do in this department. So much catching up i don't even know where
to start. I'm tempted to just dump all my archival pictures and let everyone suffer information overload; or visual abuse, to be more appropriate and correct. Hmmm....

ok! i got it!
yesterday, Le Maison Martin Margiela, the house of Martin Margiela (for those who refuse to decipher the cryptic yet basic French) celebrated it's 20th founding year.

a brief intro:
Maison Martin Margiela, or MMM from this point onwards, belongs to the school of clothing design that veers toward the esoteric; "Intellectual fashion/ clothes".
To appreciate intellectual fashion, one has to have high level of intellect, fashion wise. By intellect , I mean, enough knowledge/ wisdom about clothes that one is receptive to almost any clothing idea presented but still critical; whether it be a radical cut or material. You will need that when it comes to MMM.
He creates not just innovative but more aptly, very radical clothes. he created deconstruction!
(deconstruction: the idea of breaking apart a garment and exploring the posibilites of that garment to create a new one)
Lately, he's been obsessed about the shoulder. Undeniably, he spearheaded the movement of shoulder exploration. Now everyone from A.F. Vandevorst to Zero Maria Cornejo are exploring the said shoulder. Even my silver biker jacket was somehow inspired by MMM!
What's so important about the shoulder? Let's just say, in constructing a garment, the shoulder region is toughest to perfect.

ok. back to my story:
yesterday, in celebration of MMM's 20 years in fashion, they staged a retrospective
larger than life spring collection; covering all of what made MMM, well, MMM!

here are some of my favourite looks: (the third being my ultra fave)

in light of this, i decided to start my outfit posting with what i think is margiela inspired.
(so far i only three from my two month's worth of archive; make that four outfits)

what's in here:
white shirt.
white power jacket from a factory overrun store in subic bay, philippines.

grayed beige cardigan from a thrift store in cubao.

black latex leggings by iXrXoXg.

nike trainers.

what's so margielic about this oufit: the power suit, though the shoulders are a poor
man's margiela; the outfit as a whole being minimalist despite the layers; and the
white shirt that margiela perfected.
more of this outfit here: click me!!!

outfit 2
what's in here:
old white shirt that i draped using safety pins.
shorts by iXrXoXg.
blue tights from a Taiwan flea market.
fake Vans from greenhills.

what's so margielic about this:
the shirt, the shirt, the shirt. the looseness, the degradation, the safety pins....it's super margiela!
though, i admit the tights made the ensemble less margielic.
more of this outfit here: click me!!!

outfit 3
what's in here:
power jacket from subic bay, philippines.
blue shirt that magically appeared in my drawer.
gray trousers with cutting detail by iXrXoXg.

what's so margielic about this: the jacket again; and this time the color palette adds to the whole minimalistic approach. not esoteric still.
more of the outfit here: click me!!!

outfit 4
what's in here:
white shirt with angular cutting detail by iXrXoXg.
gray trousers with cutting detail by iXrXoXg.
yellow flip flops from havaianas.

what's so margielic about this outfit:
everything! this is hitting the nail right on the spot. from the minimalist yet medical feel of the shirt to the fit of the trousers and the overall silhouette they create. plus the flip flops are actually contributing.
more of this outfit here: click me!!!

i'm getting tired of uploading. till next time.
photo credit: style.com


erin de la cruz said...

mara! do you sell your latex leggings???

the oracle said...

very soon. maybe after the finals....
it's still sorta under development.