Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ann demeulemeester

another one of the mythical belgians.

she's known for her patti smith esque look.

a bit rouge, dirty drapey, dark, slim but very easy

nonchalant and ultimately unpredictable.

unfortunately, she's expensive and very few places

around the world stocks her merchandise and they're mostly

in Europe.....BUT

one day while walking along metrowalk (one of

those mall like spaces here in manila), i chanced

upon this peculiar pair of sandals that looked like a cross

between a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals! as if being

led by an inaudible, invisible pied piper, i, along with my

cousin and sister went in. it was my cousin who asked how much

the sandals cost. to our dismay, it costs aroung 2500php (53usd).

(in the phillipines where a pair of 20usd havaianas is considered
a lxuxry, 53usd for a pair of sandals is blasphemous!)

this got me stirred and curious, i asked my cousin to hand me the
pair of sandals. lo and behold, i saw the tag 'ann demeulemeester' on it.

and the pair is actually in suede.

to cut it short, my jaw dropped. literally. it's rare enough to find an ann

in this part of the thrid world; and to find an 'ann' that cheap is a miracle.

not having 2500php that day, i had it reserved.

and the long adventure on acquiring the pair before leaving taiwan is another

story altogether....

you see i'm not rich. i can't produce 53usd right off the bat. since worse, i'm not

even earining.

but anyway. the lengths i had to go through just to have a pair of 'ann demeulemeester'

sandals. it may sound foolish but love is foolish.

this is my first official luxury 'splurge' albeit discounted. haha. yey!!!

location: eastern rockies of taiwan. hahah. goodluck to me!

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